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by Max Giffin

Colorado is blessed with an abundance of local music in multiple genres, and any fan of hardcore or metalcore variations can agree with that statement 100%. One particular local band shaking up the scene since the summer of 2011 is Voices, from Greeley, Colorado. The band took a moment after playing an underground show in Denver to tell us a little about their sound.

CMB: How would you describe your music?

Voices: We would describe our music as generally being post-hardcore, but with a lot of true hardcore influences. We have that iconic post hardcore sound, but we also aren’t scared to throw in a heavy two-step part or a good ol’ fashioned throw down. We like to balance our heaviness with a melodic section, and a lot of that comes through using eerie, ambient sounds on a keyboard. 

CMB: You guys are going through some member changes right now, what’s going on with that?

Voices: Long story short, all five of us mutually agreed that this isn’t the right band for our vocalist, Nick. He’s leaving on good terms. As far as the new lineup goes, we’re giving it quite the switch up. Ideally, we would like to bring a current member to the front as the lead vocalist and replace them instrumentally, but we’re entertaining the idea of bringing in a new front man. We have a few different ideas pumping. We plan to re-work a few of the current songs lyrically and instrumentally to bring some new energy with the new roster.

CMB: Where do you hope to see your band go in the future?

Voices: To be honest, we don’t even really care about making money off this band. As far as we are concerned, if we can travel the world for a few years and break even, we’ll be content knowing that we spent those years sharing stages with our best friends and living our lives to the fullest.

CMB: What do you think sets you apart from other local bands in the scene?

Voices: We think our unique mix of post hardcore and hardcore sets us apart. We’re doing everything we can to avoid following our genre’s mainstream.

So why should everyone check out Voices? Well, for one thing, the band puts on a hell of a live show. Always looking to spice up their set, the band delivers performances that are varied and spontaneous. Voices also doesn’t use back tracks, making their show truly in the moment. All the synth incorporated into their songs is played live by a keyboardist. They’re a band that’s not afraid to speak their minds, and write lyrics relevant to some of the problems they see in the world. Overall, Voices holds themselves to the highest of standards and is committed to giving their best at every show. If you’d like to know more about the band, they’re playing a hometown show at The Kill Floor in Greeley to see their vocalist off the right way on October 12.

Online: facebook.com/voicenoise

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