The #Definition Hip-Hop Showcase Review

| January 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

by Jonathan McNaughton & Darnell Teague

Photo Credit: Ed Kelly: Next Level Films


Colorado Music Buzz & 7Wayz Productions Presents:

The #Definition of Hip-Hop Showcase displayed an abundance of talented Colorado musicians. The showcase started off with 1Prior who livened up the crowd with songs from his album Needle in Uh Haystack. When 1Prior performed his song “#HashTagSwag,” you could see the support he was receiving from the crowd. The next set was performed by D-Re’ll who kept the energy in the building high with his comedic persona and his exuberant stage presence. D-Re’lls performance highlight was the final song featuring Rufus.

D-Re’lls performance was followed up with a stellar showing from Hyp-Hop Sells who, even feeling under the weather, delivered precise lyrical content over beats he also produced. Brell and DJ Comish were next to grace us with their stage presence with Brell performing songs off of his The Mixtape Vol. 1. The highlight of Brell’s performance was the song “istack”.

Jahni Denver followed up Brell with music from his new album The Breathing Truth: Mountain Lion Pt. 1. Jahni Denver was promoting the release of his album by playing some of his song from it. Jahni Denver definitely had the full support of the crowd during his performance.

Sugar Organ, who were in the showcase promoting their self-titled album, and consisting of Timmy Flips and Tittle T, performed next. Sugar Organ has a steady following of fans, and if I’m not mistaken, they performed their entire album during their set, which really helped the fans hear what was in store for them on the album.

The final performance of the night was by G.O.A.T, and even though he went last, he wasn’t the least. G.O.A.T hit the stage accompanied by Bill Kushinton, his hype man for the performance, serving the crowd with consistent head- banging records to finish the night right. The showcase as a whole was a full docket of some of Colorado’s best Emcees that won’t soon be duplicated. Colorado has real talent, and it’s always good to see the local support that these artists receive; but Colorado, we can do better.

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