Sanity’s Edge

| October 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

by Tim Wenger

Sanity’s Edge have got something to say, and they are saying it with a growl. Their new record displays the band’s ability to play a chiseled spectrum of metal- from the uber-hardc ore to the rockin’ melodies, these guys have got it covered.

Dino Cuneo lays down that double-bass drum beat, a style that has become a trademark in the metal world, as well as anyone else in Denver, and at the helm of this record he provides a solid backing. The track “Thread” showcases solid lead guitar work and serves, all things considered, to showcase the mellower side of the band and proving that they have a well-rounded sound and that front man Dominick Trichie is a man of many talents on the mic.


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  1. Dominick Trichie says:

    Thank’s for taking the time to give Us A listen!!

    Our next show is Nov 2nd 2013 @Cheers for the Battle of the Bands,, Come check us out!!!!

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