Looking Glass – Brandy

| February 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

by Brandy Cordova

Not one particular love song comes to my mind when I think of love songs that I despise. My first thought is anything Britney Spears, but then I had to re-think that; are they “love” songs, or “let’s have sex” songs? Either way, they are despised. Then my mind goes to the one song that I truly despise: “Brandy” by Looking Glass. Does that count as a love song?! I would say so, seeing as the lyrics are about a man torn between his love for the sea and his love for a barmaid! I wonder at times if that’s gonna be┬ámy lot (sans the sailor and me being a barmaid)! The song would not bother me if it were a different name being used. Deep down I’m a hopeless romantic (I can’t believe I even admitted that!) and would be ecstatic to revel in the fact there was an awesome love song with the same name as mine, and then have a man sing it or dedicate it to me! Oh well, I can continue to dream.

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