Guitar Center Product Reviews: Shure SM7B

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Shure SM7B

Throughout the years Shure has been known for setting the industry standard in microphones. The SM7B is no exception. I have heard a lot about this mic and decided to pick one up. I am a bassist and vocalist, and in my opinion, this is the “all purpose” mic to have. The SM7B provides a flat and wide range response that works well with whatever you throw at it. It has a smooth character to it which sounds great for male and female vocals.

Also, this dynamic mic has excellent shielding which helped protect my recording against electronic hum from my monitors.  Whether you have a vocalist who is aggressive or holds back, the character of the mic really lets the natural sound of the singers voice shine through.  I’ve also found

it to work great on bass cabs, guitar cabs, kick drums, and floor toms.  It really has no problems picking up the low end while providing tight clarity to the highs.  This mic also features a bass roll-off switch and mid-range boost so I was able to change the response of the mic when the low end was too boomy. After using this mic in my home studio setting I honestly can say that my vocal and bass tracks have never sounded better.  Give this microphone a shot.  You won’t be disappointed!


Alan Hlavacek – Pro Audio Department Manager – Guitar Center Fort Collins, CO

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