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by Tim Wintemute

Rastaman Riding by DubKor is the next great reggae album. With the passing of Amendment 64, Denver is attracting artists from around the world seeking marijuana freedom. Originally from Spanish Town, Jamaica, DubKor is a nine piece Roots-Reggae group looking to make Denver their new home. DubKor is very similar to other Roots style Reggae acts including Bob Marley, Steel Pulse and Peter Tosh, yet influenced by Jamaican Dub artist such as Scientist, mad Professor and Lee Scratch Perry. DubKor’s greatness is obvious when listening to Rastaman Riding, with a diversity of tracks- each of which have their own unique style- weaves into a powerful and addictive record.

Rastaman Riding starts out with a very strong track “A Little Love Story,” which is a pop inspired stand-alone track. The next three tracks on the album, “Madda Earth,” “Ites, Gold and Green” and “Wait Son” take the album in a more upbeat direction and leave the listener feeling happy and joyous.  The middle part of the album, continues to show how talented DubKor is, the   morally correct “Arrogant man,” the jazz inspired title track “Rastaman Riding,” the marijuana anthem and single “Gideon,” followed by the socially conscious track “Can’t Sleep.”

By the time you reach the 10th track of the album DubKor has got your attention, and the band takes full advantage by putting the most powerful tracks as the the last four on the album. The local hit, “law,” which has been getting regular play on local radio,  is a forceful track that gets the blood flowing, the next song “Same Routine” is a duet between the lead singer and his wife / backup singer Empress Que. The next track, “Defend di Endz,” is a slower track dedicated to addressing the violence in Jamaica. The final track is an upbeat reggae song Varanda, leaves the listener on a positive high note and is a great closing track of a great album.

DubKor’s Rastaman riding, is currently available online on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and other online music sites.

Online: facebook.com/dubkor

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