Denver Band, Rather Dashing, to release EP

| July 1, 2012 | 1 Comment


by Max Giffin

Photo Credit: Max Giffin

Rather Dashing is a band self-described as ‘nascore,’ a genre they created for themselves. “It’s like NASCAR because it’s fast, but it’s also metal-core,” says bassist Jason Schmidt. Not only does the band call their music nascore, but also they’ve titled their new EP Nascore, which will be released mid July. The CD shows the bands growth. Each song is more complex, diverse, and fitting to them than their previous music that they’ve been playing since 2010. A “fresh sound” is what Kyle Greer who plays drums hopes to accomplish through the music. “Everything out there sounds the same. We’re unique in a good way,” says Greer.

Nascore will have five songs; each unique, balancing fast intricate parts with heavy brutal playing. Greer adds that “the guitar work is very intense and hard to keep up with, the drums are driving and complex.” One thing that makes Rather Dashing stand out is Michael Raymond’s vocals. Raymond screams in tones almost animalistic. His vocals are wild, energizing, and keep the listener on the edge of their seat. Nothing about a Rather Dashing song is ever predictable. Greer calls Raymond’s vocals “eccentric” and says that they are “meant to entertain and excite the listener.” Surely, through Raymond’s extensive range, and innovative screams, this is more than accomplished. The EP, when it is released, will be available online via iTunes and in hard copy at the Hot Topic in Flatirons Mall. In addition to plans for the new music, the band is planning some out of state shows in areas around Colorado. Aside from those, they plan to continuously grace Denver playing shows at places like the Marquis Theatre where they can bring something new and fresh to the local metal scene.


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  1. Nadine says:

    Rather Dashing is orgasmic to my ears!

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