Black Moth Super Rainbow at the Bluebird

| May 17, 2013 | 0 Comments


by Joel Center

For the past ten years, one group alone has been at the forefront of psychedelic Indietronica; Black Moth Super Rainbow. Founded by songwriter/producer TOBACCO in the woods of western Pennsylvania, BMSR is a group that sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Packed full of synths, keys, pads, vocoders, and occasionally a few “normal” instruments like a guitar, bass, and drums, the music thrown into your ears at a Black Moth show is a dreamscape of summery tonalities that irresistibly seduces any fan in attendance into a trance that is utterly relaxing and inspiring.

Much mystery surrounds this group of electronic maestros. They are prone to hiding their faces in music videos, promo photos, and even live shows, and they are certainly not the type of group to hype themselves up by putting their songs in commercials or embarking upon huge national ad campaigns. Black Moth fans are attracted to that electronic dreamland because of its unmistakable uniqueness and curious intrigue. The vocoded lyrics speak of love, joy, and other profoundly human emotions, but in a tone so robotic that you can’t help but wonder whether or not there is a certain level of irony involved. Either way, once those well-crafted electronic timbres enter the ear of a listener, they are instantly transported into a world of happy, technicolor psychedelia that they’d be only too happy to remain in forever.

This Friday, May 17, residents of the Mile High City will be able to experience a bit of the trippy sonic glory that is Black Moth Super Rainbow live at the Bluebird. Because the group has been gaining popularity at a steady rate, this is an excellent opportunity to catch the band at a fairly intimate venue before they are selling out the Fillmore, and at only $17 advance / $20 door, it’s a bargain that can’t be beat!

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