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by Jenn Cohen

Born and raised in the Denver, Holly Lovell moved to Australia at age 12 with her family. She quickly realized that surfing and tanning were not her thing, so she taught herself how to play guitar, and tried her hand at songwriting instead. It turned out to be the better option. At age 18, after graduating from high school, she returned to Denver to pursue her passion of music. Having spent the last few years developing her song writing and building a firm foundation playing shows on both sides of the Pacific, the time had come for her to take action on publishable work.

This past year, Lovell has spent many hours in and out of studio under the production and engineering skills of Ben Wysocki (the Fray), and Joe Richmond (Churchill). The product is a solid work that reflects both Lovell’s depth of lyric and song structure, and the wonderful ability of Wysocki to showcase it. Alongside Lovell, the EP features the widely versatile musical abilities of Wysocki himself, Dave Welsh (also of the Fray), Tyler Rima and Mike Morter (Churchill). The work that has come forth is a beautiful EP that will hold the listener and become a mainstay on the playlist. Lovell has entitled this debut work The Illusions EP, inspired by a lyric in one of the five tracks, “The Illusion of Honesty.”

“I tend to write a lot of my music about experiences I watch other people have to go through,” says Lovell. “I try to get in their head space and write in the first person. After being complimented on how ‘honest and vulnerable’ my songwriting was, I started to wonder if I was somehow deceiving people, making them believe I had lived these tales, when really I am the type of person who would sooner jump into an icy lake in January than agree to tell you what I’m really ‘feeling.’ So that’s what these songs are, in a way, an illusion of my honesty. Stories that aren’t really my own, but I wear them like a patchwork quilt, and tell them in honor of those who have truly lived them.”

Lovell’s EP, will be available at her release party at The Walnut Room on Friday, February 15, where Stephanie Dorman and Dan Craig will join her. The event is 21+, doors are at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. Tickets are on sale now at thewalnutroom.com for $7 and go up to $10 on the night of the show.

The EP will also be available through iTunes and online: hollylovell.com

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