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 by Darnell Teague and Jonathan McNaughton

CMB: What started the record label HGMG and what’s the meaning of HGMG? 

HGMG: (1P) Heavy Ghetto Music Group, (Shadow Monster – SM) I started rappin’ wit the squad a few years ago, but I been around since day one, (F.T. da Future – F.T.) The label was started by P Sky, and it was a product of taking original artists from a previous group called Brothers Subterfuge (Sky and 1P) and adding new artists (F.T da Future, Shadow Monster) for a new beginning. Heavy Ghetto is a play on words of Heavy Metal, a reflection of the mash-up style combining metal and hip hop, (P. Sky-Sky) I think our love and passion for creativity started Heavy Ghetto Entertainment. We all were absolutely in love with music and expression; money NEVER was a motivation factor for us, we just loved making music.

CMB: What Is your Definition of Hip-Hop?

HGMG: (1P) Hip hop is a cultural movement of likeminded individuals voicing their opinions and struggles on a journey to success. (SM) To me, hip hop is a culture …my culture (F.T.) To me, hip hop is the original art form that survived (barely) throughout the ages. It pays homage to the original culture and showcases lyrical ability as well as song making. Truthfully, I would say the motivation for doing it is also a big part of what separates hip hop from rap. (Sky) Hip hop is a platform for philosophy. With this music we can express our feelings, fears, joys and pain. Hip Hop is a megaphone for all those with something to say. Hip hop also unifies cultures. But for me, hip hop is therapy.

CMB: What Inspired The Block Report 3 Project?

HGMG: (1P) Possibly the track entitled: “I’m Back,” basically, because the chorus had so much energy, and charisma, that it pretty much summed up, in a unique way, where we stood as a unit at that current point in time. (SM) I get inspiration from the weird parts of music that go unnoticed by most people. It might be something abstract or something specific or a word or two of melody, but I try to think creatively in all aspects of life. I think “The Block Report Vol 3” is the life…and my brain is the creativity for that moment that I’m on the mic or my voice is being heard…Everybody on this mix tape has their own sound and distinct quality about our voices and, shit, we all belong up there with the greats! #HGMG #JEDILIFE this mix tape represents. (F.T.) BR3 came about as we continuously made tracks and collabo’s with artists that we work with. The first 2 Block Report tapes made waves in the streets and the positive feedback along with the energy of the live shows made us feel like the Block Report represented an energy and sound that needed to be out ther., (Sky) the inspiration for “BR3” came from the overwhelming amount of talent we have in this #JediLife campaign! Shadow Monster is a beast! Point blank. He’s a super producer AND super MC! You can tell all throughout this project that he’s not playin! Hyp-Hop Sells/Sells Beats is another Brilliant mind who is a super producer AND MC! His work ethic is off the charts! I told him he’s like a rabbit the way he just puts out music. It’s a mystery to me how he finds the time to first, find samples, produce a huge quantity of beats for sale AND create so many original projects FROM SCRATCH, AND feature on almost everybody’s individual projects, its amazing! F.T. Da Future is another freak of nature; he is a straight-up performer in every way! D-Re’ll is another Super Producer/MC. 1P is rare! I call his style poetic gangsta. He’s Rick Ross meets The Game. Our talent pool runs deep, to answer your question. These talents inspired “BR3,” we just want to show people our work and BR3 is a perfect vehicle, plus when I moved to Dallas TX and now Atlanta GA, I wanted to let everyone back home in Colorado know that we are still alive and trendsetters!

CMB: When did HGMG first start making music?

HGMG: (1P) Late ‘90s I believe, formed from original local group known as “Brotha Subtafuge”-S/O to PSKY, Logic, and Bamboo Beats! Lol. (SM) I watch the news, and it’s funny because I remember when shit was different. I was M.I.A. for a few years, and when I got back, the line between reality and distorted reality was like a piece of shit radio, all fuzzz. If you wanna play like you bout that life, I’m a show you the life of a Jedi. Stay on my greeze cause I know what motivates me, gotta move forward but that $$$ Aaalwayz calls, so don’t even trip cause I don’t give a mad ass f**k about the games played now a days, feel me? This is HGMG and we bring together the major sectors of this country, makin’ somethin’ that’s outta reach for the everyday spitter. We heavy weight hitters, styles may differ, but shittttttttt. F**k outta here, I’m bout this Colorado buzz. (F.T.) Well the first Block Report was released in 2005, but HGMG was founded and songs were being made in 2003. (Sky) Myself personally, I started making music in middle school. I played drums in band class. I remember being completely obsessed with the drums. I would look at music catalogs and fantasize about which drum set I wanted. My father (RIP) bought me my first drum set, I remember it was a deep purple 5-piece set, a real rag-tag trashy set, but it sounded good! I remember I had a little CD walkman with headphones, and I would just jam out to EVERYTHING! It wasn’t until I found out that a long time friend of mine (A.W.O.L’s) big brother “LOGIC” was into music as well. We were about the same age and out little brothers “FT Da Future and A.W.O.L.” used to kick it. But Logic was the one who really changed my life and showed me about production. We started a thing called “Brotha Subtafuge.” I was the MC and he was the beat maker. Again, we never even thought about any kind of money, we just did it because we truly loved it. It was crude, but I still get respect to this day from the music we made back then. I think in total, maybe 10 people ever heard our “Brotha Subtafuge” music lol. But that’s how I started making music. A lot of people don’t know that Shadow and I used to play in a heavy metal band called Crysis, that’s how we met, on some Guitar Center community wall type stuff. A lot of people don’t know that Shadow Monster will rap his ass off then pick up a guitar and go Jimmy Hendrix on you! He’s off the chain with that guitar! But he wasn’t rappin yet. As time progressed my younger brother FT Da Future “Word Play” back then told me he wanted to rap too. To be honest I laughed in his face! I was like whatever yo. I took about a year until he showed me some music he did at school in MR Hall’s class at CEC (They had a full studio AND class in high school). That’s where I realized that even though this is my little brother, he got skills! So I took the focus off me and put it on him and that’s when Heavy Ghetto was born.

CMB: Where in Colorado was HGMG founded?

HGMG: (1P) Park Hill- Denver/Aurora. (SM) Aurora/Denver Area, (F.T.) At the time of its founding, everybody was living in Aurora. However P sky, 1P, and F.T da Future all grew up in the Park Hill neighborhood. (Sky) I rep PARK HILL all day! When we first moved to Colorado from Texas, we lived in Golden, then we moved to Colorado Springs, then we moved to Green Valley Ranch with my aunt, then to Aurora, then to The Crossings in Montebello, then to Park Hill, then back to Aurora 9mile. We moved a lot, but I always consider Park Hill my home because that’s where I grew up. This is where Heavy Ghetto Music Group was founded.

CMB: Why should people check out the new Block Report 3 from HGMG?

HGMG: (1P) In one word, no doubt EPIC, definitely a masterpiece, and something to be heard throughout the hip-hop/rap industry, (F.T.) People should check out BR3 because it has a strong unique energy from the production to the lyrics. In a time where so many artists lack quality and enthusiasm, we did our best to make music that moves people and makes them feel. I feel also that the caliber of artists we have showcased on this project is of high standard and fits well together. (Sky) As I mentioned a couple times before, The Block Report Vol. 3 was made purely for the art and love of music. This is a promotional project with 90% ORIGINAL music and beats. We just put ourselves out there. We are not trying to sound like anybody else, be like anybody else, or compromise ourselves so people can categorize us. We feel like we are THE BEST in Colorado, and like we are able to compete on a national level. We are disgustingly original, and we are LIGHT YEARS ahead of our competition. We take pride in being the trendsetters. We believe that true talent shines through no matter who’s trying to sabotage or downgrade. We think we are special! (SM) And if you don’t check it out I WILL F**KING KILL YOU…(LMAO)

CMB: What does 2012 and the future hold for HGMG?

HGMG: (1P) Independent longevity and significance. Our ultimate goal is something like a wildfire! (SM) 1P’s New Project “A Needle In Uh HayStack,” my new project, “The Book Of Shadows Chapter 2” and F.T’s new project  “Purple Mountain Majesty.” LET’S GO COLORADO! WE DOIN’ IT BIG FOR THE MILE HIGH! (F.T.) 2012 has been a big year, even outside of the music. The artists on the tape are spread out across the U.S. 1P, Sells, and D Re’ll are located in Colorado, while P Sky and F.T are living in Atlanta, and Shadow is operating out of the Philly/New Jersey area. The goal for 2012 and beyond is to expand as much as possible beginning with those markets and moving up from there. (Sky) Well, assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21, 2012; we plan to keep getting better and better. The Block Report Vol. 3 is the perfect example. When we first started production on it, the songs were good, but as we got deeper into it, they got better and better! By the time I wrapped BR3, we were firing on all cylinders. The songs just kept coming and coming! Each song, better than the first, BR3 is just a small time capsule and I was lucky enough to capture fragments of talent from amazing artists. Bottom line you just have to listen to us to understand who and what we are. Our future is in your hands.

CMB: Does HGMG have any pre-recording ritual that gets you in the zone for making music?  


HGMG: (SM) When it’s time to record it’s a celebration to me, so I’m kickin’ it. A lil alcohol, cigars, and I’m #SKYWALKIN to the fullest, ya feel me? And I aint wit that bull shit cause I put in work ahead of time so I’m prepared. That’s how other artists I’ve heard be fuckin up. If I wanna deliver the best performance I have in me, on mic, I gotta build that with rehearsal, practice. We talkin’ bout practice, real shit. But I get loose before I spit them bars cause if I’m vibin’ and generating energy wit my flow. I want it to come out naturally so I need my mind to be open. Not really a ritual, but just how I get down wit it. (1P) Instrumentals & Kush! lol Overall our knowledge and background with music period. (F.T.) My pre-recording ritual basically consists of listening to the beat over and over and visualizing my voice in my head rapping, then from there trying to decipher the code and write it down. Of course the herbal remedies are a must and allowing my mind to drift into higher planes of consciousness is a part of the process as well. (Sky) I think our greatest ritual is feeding off each other. I mean we push each other to greatness. Our ritual is healthy competition. We have tremendous respect for each other and we are our biggest fans!

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