Young Ancients- Fishstory

| August 1, 2015

Fishstory Artwork

by Thom Jackson

Young Ancients showcase a wide variety of talents on their debut full-length Fishstory. At heart, their music is pure Americana- but this group of veterans from Subdudes and Pura Fe Trio mixes in a strong and very noticeable element of blues throughout the record. Tracks such as “Angels and Devils” also feature accordion leads, adding a fresh flavor to the music and separating them from the hordes of Americana groups dotting Colorado’s musical landscape. The lyrics are heartfelt and warm in the way that the musicians of the four corners region draw images of rugged landscape through their music- Young Ancients are equally picturesque.

The record begs the listener to come watch the group live- if Young Ancients can inject such a heavy dose of raw emotion into their recorded music, one is left anticipating how exciting their live show must be.


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