We Are Not a Glum Lot- Atychia

| July 1, 2015


by Tim Wenger

Now and then, something good forces its way through the tight and novel restrictions of the Focus on the Family culture and is able to escape the confines of Colorado Springs. Atychia, the new album from indie rockers We Are Not A Glum Lot is the latest such thing. Blending relatable pop-rock guitar licks with twangy vocal effects and an overarching ambiance of technical math rock, the group’s latest effort is a testament to how rock music has evolved over the past decade; instead of falling into the trap of what might be more commercially marketable, the band has progressed their own sound and with the right moves can continue to establish a solid foothold in the whirlpool of indie rock.

Mellow but intricate, this album stays fresh from start to finish.

Online: facebook.com/glumlots

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