Wandering Monks-Jubilee-CD Review

| December 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

by Jenn Cohen

Wandering Monks latest effort, Jubilee, was inspired by Wayne Walton, after they were commissioned by him to create a concept album based on the, “musical exploration of monetary freedom, endorsing the concept of local, organic currency.” Written and performed by MCAD and Linguistory, Jubilee tackles many social issues throughout the album, while keeping a positive, yet realistic view on the state of economic struggles, and the benefits of “usury,” (the practice of lending money at excessive interest rates).

“It’s time we redefine the value of our time—money.”

“We don’t have to just accept the way that things are, everybody’s life should be their own work of art.”

“Abundance, what does that mean? It means not letting fear of failure block you from your dreams.”

There are so many messages throughout this CD. Each time I listened I felt a different emotion, and developed a new point of view. Give this one a spin, and let your socio-economic synapses go crazy!

Online: reverbnation.com/wanderingmonks






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