TKettle- Rocky Mountain Remixes EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE!

| April 20, 2015


by Tim Wenger

TKettle brings a unique flavor to an often played out scene of electronic music. His new release Rocky Mountain Remixes presents his eclectic take on the styles of many well-known artists across multiple genre lines incluidng Pretty Lights and The Temptations, all with his signature electronic flare that gives the songs a distinctive but mellow danceability different from the original versions.

What TKettle has down pat is presentation. Each song on the release is smooth, consistent, and appropriate not just for fans of electronic music. He creates a certain mood, very ambient, that avoids the usual fist-bumping, E-and-energy-drink-laden shit show that has come to define the genreā€™s reputation. A solid listen all the way through.




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