TicketPulse Service Offering Half-Off Concert Tickets

| August 1, 2015


by Tim Wenger

TicketPulse seeks to provide prospective concert goers with cheap day-of-show tickets. At the Underground Music Showcase, CMB’s booth was right next to theirs and I had the chance to have a few drinks with founder Evan Vall. Him and his brother Byron Vall, whom you may know as the GM at the Marquis Theatre, shared with us what their new company is all about.

CMB: Give us the lowdown on what you guys do.

TP: Through living in Denver for 20+ years we have seen the Denver music scene turn into the thriving beast that it is today, but there is always room for improvement. There are so many great shows that slip through the cracks and don’t get the attention and attendance they deserve. We work with promoters and venues to introduce people to new music and shows by offering up to half price, day of show ticket sales while at the same time act as a news source for the Denver music scene that is not biased to any specific scene.

CMB: If a venue or club wants to get involved, what do they need to do and what will be asked of them?

TP: The process for venues is made to be extremely easy. They simply give us a schedule for the amount of time they choose, be it by the week, month, etc, and the amount of tickets they want us to sell. After that we simply give the venue their money, direct deposited of course, and they enjoy higher attendance, a bump in bar sales, and ideally a returning customer.

CMB: How did you get into the business?                          

TP: After almost a decade of running different Denver music venues and promoting concerts we constantly watched shows not get the attention they’ve deserved, while at the same time continuously heard people talk about the shows they’ve missed. Everyone loves live music, however not everyone scours venue calendars to find all the great music available. This is a concept we came up with to expose people to new music while at the same time adding value to the scene we love.

CMB: What are you most excited about in the scene this summer?

TP: Summer’s in Denver seem to bring another festival almost every weekend that gets us just excited as the last. All summer we look forward to The Underground Music Showcase, Higher

Ground, and Riot Fest. After having worked with Soda Jerk for years we are unbelievably excited for Riot Fest this year. Regardless of venue relocation those guys always put together a killer line up and throw an incredible weekend.

CMB: Where can we go to learn more?

TP: In the very near future, we may just be in your app store, but for now, sign up for our mailing

list at www.ticketpulse.com and follow us on social media for our weekly show picks, industry news, and obviously, our awesome ticket deals.

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