Throttlebomb/Bronze Split Record

| July 1, 2015


by Tim Wenger

Throttlebomb and Bronze, two of Denver’s rawest hard rock bands, dropped a split album entitled Transmettre A Les Mort at Goosetown Tavern on June 20. The first five tracks are definitively Throttlebomb, as full of breaks and as headbang-able as 80’s metal but with the energy and tempo of nineties punk rock. Driven by fast, down-picking lead guitar lines and dirty imagery, Throttlebomb’s tracks eloquently personify the sound that used to ricochet around the city from the legendary 15th St. Tavern but these days has spread its wings and landed on the east side of the south Broadway strip.

Bronze slows down the tempo just enough to stick up the your horns and slam dance. The lyrics are aggressive- front man Bailey Cecil snarls You’ve Crossed The Line Traitor, It’s Easy To See on “Ax To Grind” and I’m sure I caught a heavy dose of “Walk”-era Pantera influence on “Black Blizzard.”

It’s good, in my opinion, to see a solid new split record come out of Denver- reminds me of the mail-order days of my youth, the time period that roped me into an enduring love of rock music.


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