The Holler! Offering Something to Music Lovers of All Ages

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by Charlie Sullivan

Northern Colorado’s The Holler! is one of those bands you’re going to have to take a chance on. The crew has a powerful punchy Americana sound with no boundaries; heavy on bluegrass and folk with a little rock for flavor.  Michael Kirkpatrick (vocals, mandolin) founded the band 10 years ago as an acoustic outlet for his music. What a journey he’s been on in that time; four albums, and the band was voted the Best Blue Grass Band by the Fort Collins Musicians’ Association Peer Awards in 2010 and 2011.

The band was strictly an acoustic act for the first four years, and stepped it up, “We had no bass or drums in the beginning,” says Kirkpatrick, “just the guitar and mandolin. I love acoustic music, the mobility of it. The bass and drums really helped give us a fuller sound.”

“I feel acoustic music is more accessible with an audience right away,” relays Kirkpatrick. “We’re not as loud as most bands, but our music is powerful and people respond well to it.”

The talented troupe is rounded out by Brian Adams (acoustic guitar, vocals), Brad Poto (bass, vocals), and newest member Garrett Evans (drums), who compliment Kirkpatrick nicely.

“Michael has been the primary source of our music,” states Adams. “He’s good at mining the musical process.”

“It’s not all me,” adds Kirkpatrick. “Brian and Brad step in with their songs–both are more than capable vocalists and song writers.”

I attended a gig at the Golden Hotel, and will attest to the talent of these lads; a great live sound, the guys trading off vocal duties, incredible harmonization, and an appreciative audience all added up to a nice evening of music on the patio. Kirkpatrick’s deep vocal quality is a rare treat, reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot, if you can remember that far back, man I’m getting old.

Between 2005 and present, the crew has released four albums: Exclamation, Round Trip, Road To Gemini, and  Gratitude. All of the albums are tight with standout songs such as “Wildwood,” “Come Back Home,” “Climb,” and “Gratitude.” The band crafts songs that tell stories, “All of the songs are like little mini journeys,” states Evans. “They’re accessible and not overly complicated.”

The outfit wants to get back in the studio and follow up their 2011 release Gratitude with some new material. They’ll also continue to put out their feelers for other regions in the country, “We Love our Colorado base,” says Kirkpatrick. “We also like taking it on the road. We’ve played Seattle, Boise, Austin, and other cities to very receptive crowds.”

The bands favorite gig is coming up, it’s an annual show they do in the Fort Collins area called The Holler!Ween Festival. It’s a fall show, and this year will mark the 10th anniversary.


“It seems like bluegrass people have more great stories to tell than other musicians.”- Dan Fogelberg


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