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by Tim Wenger

“I spent like six months before I met these ladies going to strange men’s houses to jam,” says bassist Nicole Boisvert. “It was really sketchy.” The entire band, like many these days, came together because of Craigslist, and after a few flakes, they were finally able to land a solid lineup. The ladies of The HITS have been able to prove that there are good relationships to be made on Craigslist, with their new album being tangible proof.

“We decided to meet up at Chili’s,” says lead guitarist Molly Galey, “to make sure we weren’t killers.” They wrote some material and felt ready to present it to the public, so they jumped on a few shows, not quite knowing what to expect. Old Curtis Street gave the ladies their first show, opening for Number Station. They received good reaction, had fun, and haven’t looked back since. “We realized that we just want to play live all the time,” says vocalist Jayne Rutter. “We always have fun.”

The HITS just released an EP called Electrical Tape. The album release party took place at Herman’s Hideaway on Friday June 1. They recorded at Black in Bluhm Music down on East Colfax over the course of two long ten-hour days.

Tracks from the record are in rotation on and can also be found on the band’s Reverbnation page at

The girls hope to get back into the studio this fall, and will be taking the month of July off from playing shows to finish writing some new material, and get themselves organized for their forward march. Look for new show announcements soon, by tuning in to their Facebook page.


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