The Fray’s Joe King Taking it Solo!

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by Jenn Cohen

Photo courtesy of iTunes

Joe King. Guitarist, back-up vocalist, solo artist? Yep. Today, King, donning, “more sweat in his armpits than normal,” released his first solo single on iTunes, “Need a Woman by Friday” (featuring Trombone Shorty).

“I knew it was going live last night on iTunes, and it just didn’t feel real, says King. “I was watching Conan in my pajamas, and was like, ‘My song’s on the homepage on iTunes . . . well, there it is!’ But I feel good about it. The whole thing is just a fresh start for me creatively; a whole new beginning, a new outlet, so it’s been really fun.”

If you’re looking for a regurgitation of the Fray, you won’t find it here. “When I started the process,” said King, “I wanted to be very left of center from where I’ve always been with the Fray; I didn’t want it to sound anything like that. And I didn’t want people to expect an acoustic solo album, or really stripped-down, coffee shop version.”

Colorado Music Buzz will be reviewing the full EP, Breaking, in our April issue, but for right now, go to iTunes and check out this song.

I dare you to be able to get it out of your head. “I get addicted to beginning, fall in love at the first part, if I know anything at all, I know how to start . . .” croons King. “It’s real for me, I was in one relationship all through my 20s, and then you’re in a place of having to find yourself again. ‘What type of woman do you like? What type of woman don’t you like?’ Just the whole freshness of beginnings, and the addictiveness of that as well. And creatively, it’s a new beginning for me.”

After ten years of writing songs collaboratively with Isaac [Fray], “this just came out of a need for expression, a newness. Isaac is the lead singer of the Fray, and I love that. He’s the only person I’d ever want singing my songs in a band setting. I just need to express, I need to change up the way I’ve always done things.”

King played his first track for his brothers in the Fray, and when it was over, drummer Ben [Wysocki] stood up and clapped. I’d say he’s got their blessing. Catch KING in April at these venues:

April 25 @ the Bluebird Theatre in Denver

April 26 @ the Aggie in Fort Collins

April 27 @ Black Sheep in Colorado Springs

April 28 @ Fox Theater

More goodness coming out of Colorado! Believe it.




















Six songs now, dropping April 23, but will likely become a full-length by summer.


We will follow KING and his album “Breaking”


Catch KING at four shows in April. “I’m really nervous. I’m super nervous, it’s one of those very naked feelings because I’ve always been in the band setting.



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