The Cry!

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by Max Giffin

Photo Credit: Max Giffin

On May 21, the Cry!, from Portland, Oregon, lit up Surf Side 7 in Fort Collins with their upbeat energetic music. Some would compare their sound to that of the Beach Boys, as they both have the same doo-wop bouncy sound that makes people want to dance.

Before they started playing at 11pm, the band made a short stroll around old town square playing an acoustic guitar, tambourine, singing, and clapping as an attempt to draw listeners. The band entered the venue wearing leather jackets and leopard print shirts. Their classic rock and roll style further complemented the band’s set, making it fun to watch.

Three vocalists complement each other with smooth vocal harmonies. During the second song, “I Think I’m in Love,” lead vocalist, Ray Nelson, jumped on a shaky bar table and continued to play his guitar while maintaining balance. This energy continued throughout the night. Lively, charismatic, the show was one that had the whole joint hopping. Anyone can sing along to their rhythmic and easy-to-learn choruses. Every song by the Cry! is catchy and fun.

The Cry! is a fusion of pop punk, surf music, with a little dash of classic rock. They’re a fresh spin on old- school music. With high hopes for the future, drummer, Maus Mersky, feels as if they can continue touring forever making just enough [money] to support themselves on the road. The band’s passion for music and promising sound will surely bring them back through Colorado, hopefully to play a bigger show for a larger group of fans.

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