Syke 96 Are Rather Experienced, For Young’ens

| May 1, 2015


by Charlie Sullivan

Four years ago I had the opportunity to sit down chat with these lads: two were still in middle school, one was in high school, and the band name was Synergy.  Now the band name is Syke Ninety Six, Josh Rock (guitar, keys, vocals) and Ryan Teater (bass, keys)  are high school seniors, and Jay Rock (drums, vocals) is about to graduate from college.  Best of all, the lads are still churning out some righteous tunes.

The band members have been together now for seven years.  Early on Larry Rock (Dad) managed the band and took care of business side of things.  Now the boys shoulder the load, managing themselves, booking their shows, and arranging studio schedules. In the beginning the crew was a guitar driven power pop trio.  Their niche was the fact that they were kids performing and writing some damn good music.  They now find themselves rebranding the bands image and settling into a mature music environment. Josh Rock is writing well structured songs with strong melodies.  The lyrics have matured and are more meaningful.  The addition of keyboards and clear crisp vocals add a pleasant dynamic to the band’s sound.

Josh writes all of the band’s music and brings the demos into the band’s rehearsals.  As a group they sit and work with the demos; polishing it until it becomes a Syke song and then it’s off to the studio.  With two EP’s and an album on their resume the band is putting the finishing touches on a new album, as yet untitled, which is being produced by Nick Ryan at Crows Nest Studios.  Ryan has worked with the band from the beginning.

“The tracking has been done for a little while,” says Jay Rock, “We’re finishing up the mixes and want to have it ready for a mid-summer release.”

“We also have a single titled “Teatering” available now as a free download,” adds Josh Rock, “The song memorializes Ryan’s brother Sean.” (Check out the link to Channel 9 News for the story behind the song)

The band has toned down their new music, it’s not as punchy.  The songs they’re tracking now are full of life and have taken on lot more meaning.  The band lays down some nice smart pop with straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll.   Now that the novelty of being a youth band has worn off the band is making it on the merits of their musicianship and the quality of the music they’re crafting.

“We’re more active now than we were in the past,” says Jay Rock, “We’re booking one or two shows a month and getting into the studio more often.”

If the band sticks with it I can see a record deal in the not too distant future.  Check out the bands FaceBook page for upcoming events.

“Don’t call yourself a rock music fan if the only bands you know are BVB and Linkin Park.”




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