Submissions Being Accepted for ‘This Ain’t No Cowtown’ Volume 7

| July 30, 2015


by Tim Wenger

ZetaKaye House is now accepting submissions for ‘This Ain’t No Cowtown (A Colorado Comp), Vol 7’! The submission deadline is Sunday, August 9th, and all music, comedy, spoken word, etc tracks can be sent
“Already getting some tremendous submissions,” says John Baxter of ZetaKaye House, the group that organizes and puts together the compilations. “Very excited to see how this one all comes together in it’s finished piece!”

Previous volumes of ‘Cowtown’ have gone on to benefit members of our community who have seen too many medical bills, serious illnesses, as well as helping out community driven entities. This year, Vol 7 will have all it’s proceeds be donated directly to the ‘Go Do Some Good: The Chris Haney Memorial Fund’. If you’re familiar with whom Chris was, then you’re familiar with love, passion, and fun. Chris was taken from us far too early a couple of years ago, leaving behind a beautiful daughter with an entire life to live, love, and to Go Do Some Good. For more information regarding the Fund, you can visit the website here: or the Facebook page here:

As always, the comp will be available for free, but there will be a prompt through Bandcamp (‘Name Your Price’) if listeners would like to donate to this most worthy of causes. All previous volumes are still available and can be downloaded, streamed, etc for free here: Donations for The Haney Fund will be accepted on the day that the comp is released (hoping before the end of August).

Adding the artwork this year will be Joshua Finley (of Cabal Art Gallery, Granny Tweed [band], Oroya [band])!! Very excited as Josh has been a master of poster artwork here in Colorado for a few years. His stuff is great! Very excited to see his final draft… (Attached is an example of some of Josh’s artwork).

Submission deadline for Vol 7 is Sunday, August 9th. All tracks (music/comedy/spoken word/podcasts/etc) can be sent to:

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