Strip the Stars-Review

| December 1, 2012 | 0 Comments


by Tim Wenger

Strip The Stars puts an emotional, melodic stamp on modern rock with their self-titled album. The songs “Down” and “I Can Fly” could easily be radio hits on either alt-rock or heavy rock stations, speaking volumes for the production quality of the record.

“In a Cage” is, in my opinion, the catchiest track on the disc. Distorted, but still presently intricate guitar lines underneath David Frisbie’s lucid alt-rock stlye vocals are the staple of this band, and it shines through on this song.

The band has been making a decent name for themselves around town, they have been on CMB’s radar, and if they bring the passion to their live shows that they display on their album, big things will happen for the boys in Strip The Stars.


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