Straight Outta Luck-Debut EP Review

| April 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

Straight Outta

by Tim Wenger

Straight Outta Luck has finally given us what our ears have been asking for since that one drunken night at 3 Kings Tavern that no one remembers leaving–the ability to bump their jams in the car. Their debut EP epitomizes their west coast punk-rock style: rapid fire drumming, chunky power chords and quasi-melodic, sometime scratchy vocals that are easy to sing along to, understandable, and meaningful.

The songs “Here” and “Khakis” showcase exactly that. It is almost impossible to not sing along to the anthemic choruses. The entire record is solid and consistent, never compromising the punk-rock style that undoubtedly brought the band together in the first place; the music that has always given us “Something to Believe In.”


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