Steve Law Band

| March 1, 2014 | 1 Comment


by Tim Wenger

We felt it was about time we showed Steve Law Band some love. The dropped a self-titled six song EP last year, and the record is a melodic folk rock masterpiece. With male and female harmonies, the music is attention-catching right from the opening track “On The Run.”

It’s not often that folk-rock seems appropriate for a slow dance, but this album makes it happen. This cd make it up our stack and caught our attention because of the passionate vocals and harmonies. Topped off with reverb-eddled guitar solos and overall solid instrumentation, this record is the perfect fit for romance.


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  1. Steve Law says:

    Just saw this!
    Thank you Colorado Music Buzz and Tim Wenger for the review. wow.
    We have a new CD coming out this Spring. The release will be announced soon.
    Please hit for “Head Spin” video. The studio version will be on the new disk.
    Cheers! steve

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