Starcar Sunday-CD Review

| September 5, 2012 | 1 Comment


by Tim Wenger

Starcar Sunday takes a genre of music that’s already hot in Denver, and makes it even hotter by putting the vocal duties in the hands of Carla Weikel and Dayna Geiger. Their take on pop-infused indie rock is about as straight forward as it comes, with raw emotion seeping from each song on their debut album.

Ryan Miller, Brian A.C., and Billy Small provide solid instrumentation underneath the vocals, with Miller stepping up to the plate and throwing down a heartfelt guitar solo to annunciate Weikel and Geiger’s voices when necessary.

Starcar might be one of the most harmonic bands in the scene, and not just vocally. The guitar riffs shine through with concord authority just when you start to think the song is a little slow.


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