Spies- Watercolor Love

| June 1, 2014 | 0 Comments


by Tim Wenger

Spies! have been hard at work in the studio, and the result of their efforts is solid. The new ep, Watercolor Love, blasts from the mellow intro into a full-on charge at modern rock. The band brings back the classic sounds of nineties alternative and throw in their own unique guitar licks to top it off. Hard-driving power chords, grunge-esque vocals and a danceable feel make the record an enjoyable listen from the first play.

What stands out the most about the record is the raw, undeniable sense of pure rock. No EDM, no modern trendy hipster antics, just straight up solid alternative rock. “Side Work” is perhaps the strongest song on the record, a very radio-friendly track with squealing lead guitar that could be played anywhere from Open Air CPR to KTCL.

Online: facebook.com/drunkspies


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