Sonic Bloom- A Preview and Photo Gallery

| June 4, 2015

by Joel Center

As the summer solstice approaches, so does the tenth anniversary of what is arguably Colorado’s best music festival, Sonic Bloom. What began as a small underground electronic festival has blossomed over the past decade into a rather enormous event comprised of so much more than just incredible music, all while holding onto the intimate feel that made them so successful from the start.

Growing popularity calls for expansion, so Sonic Bloom is moving to its third venue in three years (the biggest yet), striving to provide the absolute best environment for its ever expanding number of attendees. This year the festivities will be held at the beautiful Hummingbird Ranch, about two and a half hours south of Denver. Bloom veterans will be pleased with the return of plenty of tree cover, a stream running through the grounds, and plenty of wide open spaces surrounded by gorgeous mountain views.

One of the most important aspects to a music festival is, of course, the music itself. Although Sonic Bloom hosts primarily electronic acts, they constantly book at least a few performances that provide a bit more eclecticism. This year’s lineup is overflowing with mezmerizing artists, all of which can and should be browsed on the Bloom site. A few worth mentioning here, however, are Shpongle, Thriftworks, Kalya Scintilla, Evan Marc (Bluetech house set), Emancipator, Dirtwire (Beats Antique side project), and Colorado’s own Unlimited Aspect, Kruza Kid, and Greener Grounds.

As if such an unbelievable lineup wasn’t enough, Sonic Bloom prides itself on having one of the largest varieties of non-musical activities and visual spectacles of any festival. There will be almost twenty live painters performing throughout the festival, and their art will be displayed for your trippy perusing pleasure. Large art installations will also cover the grounds all weekend to transport festies to a considerably more magical realm. One exciting installation will be an interactive environment by revolutionary graphic artist Android Jones. Not a lot has been revealed about it yet, but those familiar with Jones’s work know that it’s not something to miss out on.

If all of this music and visual art leave you wanting more, Bloom will also have a plethora of performance artists dancing, fire spinning, and doing acrobatics throughout the weekend. If you want to learn how to join them, discuss metaphysical concepts, or ask your favorite visual artists a question or two, a wide array of speakers and workshops will be available during the event as well. For a full schedule of musicians, artists, and workshops, visit the Bloom website. Tickets are selling out fast, and this event is quickly approaching, so get yours before they’re gone, and come experience this mountainous Sonic Bloom!


To get excited for this year’s festivities, check out some photos from last year by CMB photographer Ann Rairigh!


Sonic Bloom 2014 002

Sonic Bloom 2014 006

Sonic Bloom 2014 014

Sonic Bloom 2014 021

Sonic Bloom 2014 0761

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