Signs and Signals- Human Again

| August 1, 2015


by Thom Jackson

Human Again, the debut effort from Signs and Signals, has two things going for it that a good portion of Denver’s indie rock releases lack. First, front man Jason Kelly can sing. His vocals, when paired with the band’s light, harmonic modern rock instrumentation, stand tall on their own two feet without need of muffling or egregious studio effects.

Second, the production on the record is near perfect for the imagery portrayed by the music. Guitar leads stand out and drive the sound, a la SR-71, coupling with the vocal effort to create an emotional brand of alternative rock. Signs and Signals take the Hi-Dive/Larimer sound that is so popular in Denver, adds a bit of nineties influence (back when there was more rock in alt-rock) and presents a style that is both fresh and enjoyable.


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