Scream It Like You Mean It Tour

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by Max Giffin

The Scream It Like You Mean It Tour features one of this summer’s largest metal and post hardcore line-ups. In fact, the tour is so monumental, that this year it was broken up into two parts to maximize the amount of music fans could enjoy.

On July 31, the first half of the tour played Boulder, Colorado at the Boulder Theatre. This half of the tour was the more progressive side, headlined by Attack Attack!, a band often referred to as ‘crabcore’. Unfortunately though, Boulder didn’t get the chance to see Attack Attack! after their bus broke down in Salt Lake City and they became stranded. This was a huge disappointment to the fans, but other bands on the tour such as Woe, Is Me and We Came As Romans took it as an opportunity to step up and play a show that would still shake the roof.

Woe, Is Me is a band from Atlanta, Georgia that blends electronica, clean vocals, and screaming into a post hardcore and melodic strain of metal. The band has played Colorado several times over the course of the last two years, always arriving with different members do to the bands seemingly ever-changing line up. Their tour manager, Mitch Brown, took a moment to state that he strongly feels that the members they have now are solid and that ex band mates Ben Farris and Michael Bohn will be the last members to leave Woe, Is Me. The band has quite a growing presence in their scene and is quickly becoming very well known and loved. Woe, Is Me plans to celebrate this growth by headlining their first tour this fall with SECRETS (also an opener on the SILYMI Tour) and French band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk. The Talk Your [S]#?! Tour will be passing through Denver on November 24 at the Marquis Theatre for all the fans who weren’t able to make it out to Boulder this July. Inside word says that the band will feature an entirely new set list for the tour and will be playing some new songs. Certainly, it will be an event to catch.

We Came as Romans headlined the night letting the show out early at around 10pm. Despite the disappointment of not seeing Attack Attack!, fans gave We Came As Romans a warm welcome and got into their set as if they were planned to headline all along. The night came to a close with their set, and fans left seeming pretty pleased by the performance.

On August 1, the second half of Scream It Like You Mean It played in Denver at the Summit Music Hall. This half was more of the traditional metal bands, and seemed to pull a smaller crowd. Oceano, Volumes, Impending Doom, and the Acacia Strain are all much heavier than the bands who played the night before in Boulder, on the other end of the tour. This being said, some more melodic bands such as Like Moths to Flames and Hands Like Houses were still featured in the line up, and may have a smaller fan base but possibly a more enthusiastic group of loyalists.

The show began at around 5pm and didn’t end until after 11. All night, the crowd took advantage of the heavy music and used it to release pent up angst. This was most seen during the Acacia Strain’s headlining set at the end of the night where vocalist Vincent Bennett shared his intense feelings towards life, past lovers, and religion. He talked endlessly about his overpowering anger and rage that he releases through his music. In addition, Bennett shared with the crowd that they would be releasing a new album in upcoming months that will be feature, “no dubstep, no singing, no electronica, only more anger.”


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