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ReverbNation Featured Artists of the Month is back with five of the Denver area’s most unique sounds. This monthly feature, as those of you who have been following have surely noticed, gives an opportunity for artists who we haven’t previously had on our radar to get featured in the magazine, and has showcased everything from solo artists to death metal. This month’s selections were picked based on originality when compared to other submissions- each stood out to our staff here at CMB as something we don’t hear every day. Check out their ReverbNation profiles and listen to some tunes!

Joe Candelario

Joe Candelario is an experienced virtuoso guitarist, who has been performing in the Colorado music scene for over twenty plus years, most recently with the blues classic rock outfit the Joe C. Wails Gang, in 2002 the group was awarded instrumental song of the year. This opened the doors for Joe to dabble in instrumental compositions, and in 2006 Joe released a limited edition instrumental CD. In recent years, Joe has committed fully to these instrumental compositions leaving behind the blues classic rock genre, in favor for a more progressive technical melodic journey that focuses on elements of Prog-Rock, Jazz fusion, Classical, Flamenco, World, and Instrumental rock , with minor nods to his blues, and hard rock roots.


Brixton Guns


They describe their music as “pop with nuts. Influenced by pop-punk bands like Green Day, as well as the original punk sounds of The Clash, The Brixton Guns aim for a controversial sound and feel to their music. Their name comes from a song by The Clash called “The Guns of Brixton,” about the police violence and race riots in the southern district of London during April 1981.“The band handles every aspect of their music themselves, from promotion to recording. They recently started their own record label called Four Degree Records, on which they plan to record and release their music. “Music has become so boring,” said Brubaker, expressing a disdain for dubstep and other popular music. The Brixton Guns hope to take their own unique spin on the still-popular punk rock genre and change the way people listen to music.


The Ghost of Joseph Buck

The Ghost of Joseph Buck first appeared in the Fall of 2011.  Guitarist and songwriter Joe Franzen gets inspiration from the connection we share as human beings that allows us to understand one another. The songs are real stories about real people. The Ghost of Joseph Buck has been filling venues with their haunting sound for the past year and a half. Those who listen to the group will be filled with feelings of humanity, empathy, hope and hopelessness. The sounds of Americana and folk interwoven with blues, gypsy, latin, country, and even a hint of classical create a unique musical sound that you’ll feel in your bones.


Nights on Venus

Nights on Venus began and grew out of a solo project by multi-instrumentalist/producer Craig “Professor” Thomas and made its first appearance in October, 2010 with the song “Perpetual.” Atmospheric, hypnotic, smooth, ethereal, and “brain-wavin” are words that have been used to describe NoV’s music. All instrumentals so far, he calls it “ether rock.” Over the course of his musical career, which has run parallel with his career in art, he has played keyboards in all styles from New Wave to Blues, to Classic Rock to Reggae. In the process he has been playing more guitar and bass now with Nights on Venus. Musical influences include: The Doors, Velvet Underground, Todd Rundgren, Roxy Music, The Cars, The Church, Brian Eno, Thelonious Monk, Love Tractor, Sigur Ros, and the Aqua Velvets, among others…


Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes is known for his 17 year association with Hillbilly Hellcats as the band’s main songwriter and guitarist, as well as his prior association with the Denver-based Stick Band. He has self-booked and toured the U.S.A. and Europe extensively. Four albums of the Hillbilly Hellcats are available on Amazon and iTunes.

In the last year Chuck has played California, Florida, Alaska, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin on a fly-in basis, playing with local bassists and drummers, playing Hillbilly Hellcats songs. When home in Colorado, he freelances, playing guitar for the Atomic Drifters, Dixie Lead Foot and the Chrome Struts, and the Royals, so as not to overplay the Hillbilly Hellcats in a small area.

Many of his songs are heard daily in instrumental form on major TV networks, including Desert Car Kings, Court TV, The Food Channel, and the History channel.


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