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by Charlie Sullivan

Remember the Radio hit the scene in 2009 as a tribute band to British punk rockers Guns `N´ Wankers calling themselves Nuns `N´ Bankers. Somewhere along the line things took a different turn, and the outfit quickly started crafting their own music. The band has found their niche on the local scene playing alternative punk/grunge/beatnik rock.

When Jon Frailey (vocals, guitars) pulled the act together he had a good idea who he wanted in the crew. He tracked down friends Seth Yannacone (bass), Jim Bonner (rhythm guitar), and Dave Peterson (drums), hit them with the idea, and the festivities began.

“We’ve all known each other for years,” states Frailey. “Sometimes we played in the same bands, other times we crossed paths while performing in other bands. Getting the band formed and figuring out what we wanted to do just sort of worked itself out.”

When asked about the band’s name, Frailey responded, “It’s a name I had been tossing around in my head for a while. I was 25 and thinking, “Wow, the radio’s over, it’s not a big deal anymore.”

“Generations of people have found the music they liked on the radio,” adds Frailey. “Now it’s all on the Internet and people download what they want; they’re not paying attention to the radio or buying CDs.”

What the band hopes to accomplish is to write and release LPs. They would like to make records that stand on their own. They want the album to be the attraction and have fans, more so than the band.

“We want the records to build the buzz for the live shows,” says Frailey.

To the band’s credit, they’re sticking to their word having released their first LP, yes a vinyl release, titled ЯTR 001.  Side A of the LP is a concept titled Alta California (1845-1846), check out the history when you get chance. The six songs are about the Mexican American war, a guy who goes to war and loses his spirit in the process. It’s refreshing to see a band put some thought into what they’re writing about. Side B of the LP is a collection of singles recorded by the band, well worth the listen. The outfit recorded themselves for this release and did a stellar job. They took the tracks to United Record Pressing, had the LPs pressed, and have been hard at it trying to market themselves. P.S. They did hint that they could use some management help.

Their next LP, titled Sharper Moon Rabbit, is already written with an anticipated late summer release date.

“We want to release everything we do in 12” LP format,” relays Frailey. “We want to try and follow up with a new release every six months, just keep churning it out. We should be able to write a new song every two weeks!”

Put the band on your radar for early August; they’ll be at the Lion’s Lair on the 2nd and Gennaro’s on the 3rd  (double ЯTR set). This is a talented outfit looking for a fan base, so jump on your scooters, show up, and give them a little of the local love.

If you already have a piece of music ingrained in your body, why would you not play it? – Keith Jarrett




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