Random Hero Speak About Their Message, Studio Plans

| August 1, 2015


by Tim Wenger

Random Hero will rock the HeavenFest music festival at Bandimere Speedway on August 7. In preview, CMB caught up with the band’s Aaron Watkins to get the lowdown on the group and what is happening the rest of the summer.

CMB: When people want to talk to you after a show, what are the most common things that they say?

AW: Honestly, the most common things that we get told after a show are, how much they loved they show, which we really appreciate! We also get told how much they love Bertrand’s dreads and Los’s style (Our bassist) which if you’ve never seen him on stage, he has a very steam punk style to him. But, the coolest things we get told are how much our music has helped them through difficult times, which is incredibly humbling to us and is a complete affirmation that what we’re doing through our music is making an impact in people’s lives.

CMB: What are the most noticeable differences between performing at Christian festivals as opposed to secular ones? Is the vibe completely different?

AW: To us, there really isn’t a huge difference between Christian and secular festivals, everyone is there to listen to good music and see great shows, so we approach each one the same, as we’re still out proving ourselves with each and every person, so we go out and put on the best high energy show we can and meet, take photos and shake hands with every single person that comes by our merch table. The vibes at each are amazing, plus festivals are always like huge band family reunions, everyone is stoked to see each other and that always makes festival season the best!

CMB: This #vanchatter thing on your website looks pretty cool, lots of people want to know what bands do all day on the road. When can we expect to see that live?

AW: Thank you! We definitely want to give people an insight into what we do on the road, as well as, get to know us on a more personal level. We’ve been working on doing a live version through Periscope lately, which we’ll put out a post on our social media sites about when we’ll be on, so find us on Periscope at @RandomHeroBand.

CMB: You guys seem to do a lot of action sports related events, are you into any of that yourselves? Is your van full of skateboards?

AW: Haha, I wish, no skateboards, we have done several action sports related events and they’ve been a blast. I used to skate a lot, but since touring began, between the long drives or craziness of the shows, we really don’t get a whole lot of time to ourselves. So we spend most of it filming #VanChatter, doing interviews, preproduction for our new record, face timing our families, catching up on sleep or going to the gym when we can, that’s a must on the road!

CMB: How did Random Hero come together and decide on the message you want to bring to your fans? Have there been any tweaks to the message as you’ve traveled to new places and met people from new walks of life?

AW: We all have been through difficult things in lives and our faith in God has always seen us through those times, so it was really a calling that was placed on our hearts to tell people about our hope in Jesus. We’ve definitely tweaked our message as we’ve toured, seeing so many people who are struggling with suicide, depression, abuse and addiction. We’ve also been blessed to partner up with organizations like Project Semicolon who believe in our message and vice versa, we definitely don’t water it down because we want people to know they are not alone and no matter what Jesus loves them.

CMB: When are you guys back in the studio?

AW: We will be back in the studio this fall, we’ve been having pre-production meetings and we’re super excited to get new music out to everyone. I believe this new record will be one of the best records we’ve put out! So be on the look out for it!

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