Racing On The Sun- “Self Destruct”

| February 2, 2015


Racing On The Sun has been gigging both in and out of town much  more frequently over the last six months, and they have no plans of slowing down. The band just dropped a video for the song “Self Destruct” and CMB caught up with front man Alfonso Cervantes to get the lowdown.

CMB: Tell us about the process of making the video.

AC: The process of making this video was one of the most fun experiences ever! We filmed the solo mirror shot in our practice space and the performance shots in a friend’s apartment. Our manager Jesse Spencer of Harbingers Artist Development shot, directed and edited the video and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. He made it fun. Shooting a music video can be awkward and taxing because you’re playing along to the same song for hours and hours but Jesse made it a blast.

CMB: What are your fall/winter plans?

AC: Our future plans are to release our new EP, play as many shows as possible and a tour is secretly in the works!

CMB: What is your place in the Denver music scene?

AC:  We have always received such a warm welcome from the Denver scene despite us starting out as a “Northern” band. We love the Denver rock scene and consider ourselves the new kids but we hope to move up!

CMB: Where can we find your music online?

AC: You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, spotify, google play and everywhere else under Racingonthesun.

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