Pressure Point USA, Yeah! We’re More Than A Little Fed Up

| March 1, 2013 | 1 Comment


by Charlie Sullivan

Disgruntled, disgusted, or just plain fed up with the state of the union? Then this is an act you’ll want to put on your radar. Local hard rockers Pressure Point USA has a message to deliver, and they want you to hear it. The band sends their message to you via their heavy unabashed hard rock, and the poetic (at times) rappish’ vocal stylings of Kirk Young. The music is guitar driven, with a heavy, melodically dense bass and drum backbeat filling out the sound. If you like your music loud and with attitude this crew fits the bill.

“We want people to know that we’re disgusted with the current state of affairs in our country, among other things,” stated Young. “We don’t want people to think we’re angry, but we want people to hear what we have to say.”

Listening to the lyrics of Young’s compositions, you’ll pick up on “Founding Father Quotes” that have been meticulously worked into verses of the songs. The song “Dirty Whore,” off of their first album Pressure on the G, sums up the outfits’ feelings without reservation: P.S., this song’s lyrics are for Mature Audiences Only. The crew is tired of the governments’ bully tactics, and the fact that they’re selling everybody and everything out. The band wants to send you a message of peace and love. They do this effectively in the song “Peace” with its growling chorus, “No more war!!” The troupe also isn’t above telling you about God’s love for you in the song “Without Love.”

“We support our troops, our country, people’s rights, but we don’t like the path out government has taken us down nationally or globally,” relays Young. “The brutality of it all bothers us.”

The band has been performing on the local scene for about two years; five months with the current line-up: Gene Hartwig (guitar), John Ladd (guitar), Kelly Morse (drums), and Sergey Pogossov (bass) round out this politically charged and talented crew of musicians.

The crew loves their live shows, they’re not just a band, they are entertainers. They can get a little crazy and 8 locally in the ReverbNation Hard Rock category.

The outfit is garnering a little attention from national acts as well. By the time you read this, the band will have opened for L.A. Guns at Casselman’s. On the horizon they’re on the bill at the Gothic on March 22, 2013 and will be opening for Powerman 5000 at Moe’s BBQ, S. Broadway on May 1, 2013. Above all else, the band wants you to know they love what they’re doing and love for people to come out and share that with them. Catch up with them at an upcoming show; this is a great local act.


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  1. It was great for us as Pressure Point USA to be interviewed by Colorado music buzz, Charlie Sullivan was very open to listening to our viewpoints on the issues of today. Our music is about peace Love freedom and awareness. All of which are needed in this life we live. We are honored to be in this mounths issue , and honored to bring simple solutions through our music to the world. Thank you!!!

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