Parvata: Veritas Review

| August 1, 2012 | 1 Comment

by Corey Blecha

Local glitch-hop producer Parvata has been doing his part to push the sounds of EDM for years now, making tracks that balance the many influences he’s heard since first learning to play piano at the age of 12. Since then, he has mixed in everything from hip-hop to dubstep, all with a classical influence guiding his pristine and polished compositions.

With his latest album, Veritas, Parvata continues his roll of top-notch productions, turning out an album full of smooth and dreamy glitch-hop and dubstep tracks. I have always felt that he has done a great job of balancing the many different sounds of Colorado; from soulful hip-hop inspired anthems, to gritty, bass-heavy bangers, and this album has it all. The first track is a collaboration with local producer, Ricky Shine, AKA the Digital Connection, and it starts the album masterfully with a clean, mellow introduction, perfect for getting the party started. The title track rides a bouncy beat that claps along as Parvata’s signature laser arpeggios twinkle above the bass line to create one of my favorite songs of the release. He always seems to keep the mood light, with sparkly synth lines layered over clean bass patterns, and it has set him apart from the drones of producers Colorado now boasts.

Veritas is out now on Be Green Records, available through Bandcamp and Addictech. Grab your copy now to get some of the hottest tracks of the summer!

Check out: “The Ripple Effect,” “Seven,” “Veritas”

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  1. Blaze Mundo says:

    Parvata’s new album is an awesome work of art! Not only does he make really awesome original sounding electronic music but he also is a REAL musician.. Didn’t realize how nasty he was on the piano till he shredded one at guitar center when he picked up his studio monitors.. Oh and he also has wizard like mixing and mastering capabilities.. He’ll make your tracks sound like Jesus himself.. Much love to Parvata! Keep shredding!

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