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by Wendy Villalobos

photo credit: Owl City

Wake me if you’re out there!” Front man Adam Young of Owl City looked out into the crowd, clapping his hands and smiling as he sang “Angels,” a song off of his second album All Things Bright and Beautiful. The echoes of this bright and catchy song resonate off the walls, causing people in the audience to jump, stomp their feet, and sing until their lungs literally give out. The lights behind the band did their job, highlighting Young’s crazy, and wonderfully eclectic dance moves, as the whole crowd continued to stomp their feet, and dance along with him. My head was a whirlwind of excitement watching the energy pouring off stage, and it seeped into my veins.

Owl City never disappoints, and this is exactly what I expected when I entered the Bluebird Theater on July 17, to see one of my favorite musicians. One of the most historic and well-preserved venues, the Bluebird Theater was in for a cosmic adventure. Owl City has a reputation for singing sweet, whimsical songs ranging anywhere in topic from being a soaring albatross above Seattle, to lovely, love songs like “Vanilla Twilight.” There was no lack of imagination on the stage, as Owl City flew through favorites like the ever-popular “Fireflies,” to newer songs from Young’s fourth studio record The Midsummer Station.

Every song, and every beat held the audience in attention, and as I looked around the room, not a single person was missing a smile on their face, something I rarely find when I attend a concert. The vibe of the show, set up by the talented but barely known Jaymee Dee carried over once Owl City hit the stage, spreading good cheer and happy endings. The messages Young and his band strive to project onto the crowd are nothing but positive, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Owl City, which first only consisted of Adam Young as the sole writer and touring member, has now added Breanne Düren (keyboards, backing vocals), Daniel Jorgensen (guitar, vibraphone), Jasper Nephew (guitar), and Steve Goold (drums) to the roster of talented youths who help Owl City’s reputation as they tour the nation. The journey Owl City has already begun over the last few years is just the beginning, and the future looks bright for this young musician.





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