Otic’s Single, “Shiver” is picked up by Universal

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by Tim Wenger

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Denver rockers Otic, a three-piece grunge outfit, recorded their newest single “Shiver” in Columbus, Ohio, at Universal Recording Company. The group was contacted by Universal to fly out and record the single. They got in touch with Universal through self-promotion, sending their music out emphatically, and were fortunate enough this time to be the right sound for the right person. They acquired an agent with the company, who was impressed with the band as much as he was with their sound. “I send us out anywhere and everywhere, and somehow our cd came across [our agent’s] desk,” says Paige Parsons. “I had to interview with a bunch of people below him, and finally got to talk to him and they decided to keep working with us.”

“Shiver” features intricate but hard-hitting guitar work under Parsons’ emotional, bawdy vocals, and despite its heavy, progressive tone that is Otic’s staple, is reminiscent of ’90s alternative.

The band was offered a development contract by the label, and is debating their thoughts on it. In the meantime they are pushing the single everywhere they can, and hope to get back out to Ohio to perform in the band members’ hometowns of Columbus, OH, Chicago, IL, and Madison, WI. They had multiple shows booked in the Chicago area while they were out recording the single, including a show at the Hard Rock Café, but things did not go as planned. “We had three or four shows in a row, and the Hard Rock was one of them,” says Parsons. “They saw that we were playing these other shows the day before and the day after and they said that we couldn’t be playing in the same state during that time frame. So we cancelled the other shows at the Elbow Room and Wonder Bar in Chicago.”

The Hard Rock ended up cancelling on them, leaving them with only one show at Bernie’s Distillery for the entire trip. “About a month before we were going to leave, some big wig came in and bought out the venue and said they didn’t want the music,” says Parsons. The band hopes to get back out to the area this summer.

Otic is also hoping to get local artists involved in their music by allowing them to submit artwork for consideration on their releases. “We want to do a competition with local artists to give us artwork,” says drummer Ryan. “We are trying to get in touch with artists.” There are three categories: t-shirts, a cover for the single, and the cover of the kick drum. Artists can contact the band and submit at oticmusic@gmail.com.

Online: reverbnation.com/otic

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