Oscar Ross- Saturday

| November 1, 2014


Oscar Ross will be dropping a new album at Lion’s Lair on November 14, and have a video for the first single “Saturday.” Here is what Oscar Ross, the brains behind the project, has to say about where they are at.

CMB: Tell us about the process of making the video.

OR: It was a very spontaneous event right after rehearsal. The boys were really into it and having some fun. We just kept changing scenes with each verse/chorus. And did it all in less than an hour using a cool 8mm app.

CMB: What are your fall/winter plans?

OR: Even though I’m just releasing this album, I’ve already got 7 or 8 new tunes in the works. So a follow up will definitely happen in 2015.  Concepts and planning for that are already churning in my head. We’re also writing for a new album in my band Lords of Fuzz.

CMB: What is your place in the Denver music scene?

OR: I think I’m in 4th place. Ha! You know I’m very privileged to be part of such an amazing music scene. And I’m trying to give a little back with my label – Sailor Records. Every band on there has meaning to me and together I’m hoping that we can continue to grow and build something special. I’ve also just started an imprint called Roll the Jax for softer projects like this one. We’ll announce new artists on there soon.

CMB: Where can we find your music online?





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