Nanook Enterprises Offers Exchange Program, Brings Musicians to Jamaica

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by Tim Wintemute

For local musicians, the Colorado music scene can be a little overwhelming. The constant demand to create new music while touring, recording, working your day job, weather delays and playing regular local gigs. Local music fans can also find themselves overwhelmed and need to take a musical vacation… to Jamaica.

Nanook Enterprises of Kingston, Jamaica is looking to attract music lovers from Colorado who want to rediscover their love of music.

Joan Nanook Webley loves music and Jamaica. After earning her law degree and traveling the world a bit, Joan decided to start Nanook Enterprises. The tight knit musical community of Kingston has turned Nanook into a local music hotspot. Nanook is more than a hangout for local and international musicians in Kingston, Jamaica and Nanook have recently become known for attracting international artists looking to become inspired and connecting them to the local music scene.

In one case, members of an Australian band came to stay for three weeks. They extended that trip twice and recently moved there for a three month stay to record new material. Nanook’s exchange program has also played a key role in connecting visiting musicians from around the world with Jamaican artists. Naa’man from France stayed with Nanook, along with his manager, producer and camera man while recording an album locally. Nanook assisted him and his team to film a music video in the legendary Trenchtown community. One night while vibing in the studio he was able to meet local musician Cutty Ranks who was just passing through Nanook. That chance meeting resulted in an instant collaboration between the two on a track called “Rebel for Life.”

The reggae band DubKor has made a connection in Denver thanks to the help of Nanook and their ties to Colorado. After gaining that local connection, the band was able to release and distribute their album Rastaman Riding to fans in Denver. Their Colorado connection inspired the band to connect with musicians locally and to eventually make Colorado their second home.

By day Nanook serves as a working space with a full café plus office spaces with administrative services for artists. By night, Nanook opens a large networking space that hosts cultural events, meetings, and parties. Nanook also has an onsite recording studio and hostel for traveling artists looking to record and unwind, plus Nanook has an outdoor stage that hosts regular live jam sessions, poetry readings and other music shows.

Nanook’s mission is to help Caribbean people make a living from their creativity, and to enable the world to connect with Caribbean creators and culture. Webley believes that “by promoting greater respect for our culture, there will be a return to our core values andthe creation of numerous opportunities for increased economic returns. More Jamaicans will be able to enjoy a better standard of living.” Webley says “Nanook is all about facilitating our clients and making it easier for them to take their projects and potential further. We focus on creating events and activities that provide opportunities for development, networking, and international exchanges. We provide for one-stop-shop style access to entertainment and cultural goods and services from independent creators. We’ve developed a relaxed but effective approach to bringing about real connections, and we’re providing real solutions.”

If you feel you are in need to rediscover your love of music or want to experience Jamaica, contact Webley though Facebook or via email or

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