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by: Darnell Teague & Jonathan McNaughton

CMB: What makes Mr. Best a good DJ?

Mr. Best: Honestly, this is really a three-part answer. A) I am on time and never late for my sets. Primarily because I love hanging out with the crowd prior to going on! B) I’m great at reading rooms and understanding the people in those rooms. C) My music knowledge, and the many years spent working on the art/craft of DJing are really what set me apart from other DJs out there now.

CMB: What Is your Definition of Hip Hop?

Mr. Best: To me, hip-hop is the expression of ones-self through beats and rhymes. While I prefer spinning big house sets, I’m hip-hop fan through and through, and that will never change.

CMB: What inspires you to DJ?

Mr. Best: Music and people inspire me to DJ, but the energy resulting from the two coming together keeps me motivated to be a better DJ.

CMB: When did you first start DJing?

Mr. Best: I first started DJing back in 1997, but it was in ’96 when I started collecting records. It took a while to compile enough relative party records to DJ a whole night. In ’97, I was getting an hour here and there at parties in the Philly area where I grew up.

CMB: What’s your biggest musical accolade?

Mr. Best: My biggest musical accolade would have to be the handful of official remixes I’ve produced alongside my production partner, DJ Spider. I’ve also been fortunate enough to showcase my skills at some of the most high profile private, corporate, and celebrity events in the United States and Canada.

CMB: What does 2012 and the future hold for Mr. Best?

Mr. Best: 2012 is about growing and moving forward in my career of music, with DJing and music production being the main focus. I’m headlining some of the best rooms in the United States right now and spinning monthly in Hollywood, Chicago, San Diego, Atlantic City and New York. As of now, the future is looking bright and I can’t wait to be back in Denver!


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