Moon Magnet Studios, A Breeding Ground For Talent

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Moon Magnet CO Music Buzz

by Charlie Sullivan

Setting up shop in a two story house that’s nestled into the quaint Baker District of Denver, Moon Magnet Studios is anything but your stereotypical recording studio. The studio is a collective of musicians and bands that just needed a place to call their own; someplace they could rehearse, record, and collaborate with others to meet a common goal, write, and produce cosmic music. You won’t find anything flashy about the studio, no expensive recording equipment (17-channel recording capability), but what you will find is a camaraderie within the individuals running the studio and those who choose to hangout and lay down some tracks.

The studio was started by Reed Fuchs (producer, multi-instrumentalist, déCollage) who initially recorded his own music as a hobby.  It was a natural transition for Fuchs to move on and start a recording studio.  Joined by Derrick Bozich (digital design, producer, multi-instrumentalist in 6 bands), Neil Lyons (Moon Magnet Publishing, prolific song writer), and Anna Smith (Creative Sorceress, Songwriter, Interviewer) the studio has progressed to the point where they currently have six active bands in house and have branched out as a publishing company.

Moon Magnet offers two studios both with full recording /video capabilities. The engineers, studio musicians, and designers specialize in everything from preproduction to album artwork; the goal is to be heard. The main studio is set up in a basement labyrinth that brings back memories of the 60’s love generation; and you will feel the love.  Moon Magnet wants to inspire artists to express themselves. They have an effects rack set up in the studio to help bands facilitate new ideas and new sounds.  The studio encourages creative expression.  What sets the studio apart is that they want to help bands break creative blocks and mental barriers that hinder them from performing their music.  And guess what?  It’s working!!

The studio has busy schedule coming up for July. The Grease Pony EP is ready to hit the streets. They’re mixing Ancient Elk’s latest EP, which is due out late in the month. The Dorian Vibe kick starter video will hit the streets, check it out and help out the band if you can. The Suspender Defenders album Zooz Toob will be released.  Wild High is unleashing Sdreams in August.  déCollage will in all likelihood be rolling something out for the masses.  And if this isn’t enough, there will also be a Moon Magnet Studio’s stage at UMS.  They’ve lined up five bands for the five hour time slot allocated to the studio, show up and give them your support. To get a feel for the people behind Moon Magnet, check out the UMS video they recently produced announcing all 400 bands playing the festival.

The studio keeps busy locally with a residency on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at the Meadowlark.  The studio spotlights one of the acts recording at the studio for an evening performance.  The third Wednesday is dedicated to a workshop at the studio that starts at 7:00 PM.  They’re always looking to get people involved, are actively seeking talent, and are looking to develop new talent.  The crew also likes to bring in national acts when they’re in town to record a song or for an in-house interview; most recently Incan Abraham at the Larimer Lounge.  Moon Magnet is truly a place where good things happen and dreams become reality.

“Art happens anywhere that chaos is brought into order.”- Michael Gunger



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