Megan Burtt on Performance with Colorado Symphony

| May 19, 2015


by Tim Wenger

Megan Burtt announced a while back that she, Ian Cooke, Land Lines, and Jay Clifford of Jump Little Children will be joining the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for a special performance on May 28. Burtt and the other local musicians will be onstage at Boettcher Hall performing original music with the CSO in what has become one of the month’s most talked-about events. This show is called Turn Over The Keys, and is part of the CSO’s 2014/15 series .

Clifford, who arranged the music charts for Gregory Alan Isakov’s performance with the CSO last November, also put together both he and Burtt’s charts for this upcoming performance. It will be Burtt’s first performance with the CSO.

This opportunity for Burtt came about after CSO Senior Vice President of Program Innovation Tony Pierce saw Burtt perform at a previous show and approached her with the opportunity to perform with the symphony. “About two months ago, the Soiled Dove asked me to open for members from Better Than Ezra,” says Burtt. “Tony happened to be there as a fan of the headliner, and invited me to be part of the show a week later.  Felt like an unbelievable ‘right time, right place’ situation.”

The four guest performers will each have a half hour set with the CSO. The score for Ian Cooke and Land Lines was written by DeVotchka violinist Tom Hagerman, while Burtt and Clifford will perform the scores arranged by Clifford. “The Symphony is performing our original music to the scores written by both Jay and Tom,” Burtt says.

“Tony has been so innovative with Colorado Symphony,” says Burtt. “Their collaborations throughout the last many seasons have been really inspiring.  It feels like he has seamlessly integrated the CSO and the contemporary music scene with symphony shows like Gregory Alan Isakov, DeVotchka, and the many Red Rocks performances.”

From now until this Friday May 22, fans can receive a $5 discount ($20 instead of $25) on tickets for the event at Use promo code MTOTK.

Following this performance, Burtt will turn her focus to releasing a new album, The Bargain, in late August, with a corresponding show at the Oriental Theatre August 29. The release will be followed by both US and European tours in subsequent months. Keep up to date on the latest happenings at

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