Luxuryville Presents: Dubtronica Vol. 1

| September 1, 2014 | 1 Comment


by Thom Jackson

It isn’t often that we see quality surf music come out of Denver. It is even more rare that that music is made partially electronic, as is the case with the new record Luxuryville Presents: Dubtronica Vol. 1. Combining the classic elements of old surf rock, mixing in electronic elements and finishing off with a horn section throwing down some jazz/reggae style over the top, this album was not at all what we expected it to be.

Pleasantly surprised were we, to say the least, as so many electronic submissions we receive are mind-numbingly unoriginal. In addition to being a great surfing soundtrack, this album can hit a little closer to home on a powder day in the mountains. Just make sure you carve sharp.


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  1. Tamara Lucero says:

    Wow! So great to finally see talent of this caliber! We saw them at Cherry Creek Grille and they were amazing!!! Will def follow these guys!! Love love love their vibe!!!

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