La Coka Nostra-CD Review

| September 6, 2012 | 0 Comments



by Seth Wood

Have you ever listened to an album that made you feel that you just got slapped in the face? If not, you should check out La Coka Nostra’s latest release, Masters of the Dark Arts, and its harsh themes of greed, drugs, violence and religion; the very ruggedness of the album comes with such force that it really makes a listener feel that they’re being assaulted by the emcees.

Masters is the group’s second release, and though they lost their most popular member, Everlast/Whitey Ford, they seem to have progressed well. Emcees Ill Bill and Slaine have very different styles, but make a lot of sense together (like all good rap duo’s). DJ Lethal (formerly of House of Pain) is also a complementary addition, as he gives the group an old-school sound with his turn-table scratching and multiple samples. It’s a very nice, almost-throw-back album.



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