Kind Dub- Weed The People

| September 1, 2015


by Tim Wenger

Kind Dub might be the most versatile group around. Under their umbrella, they have a clothing line, snowboards, skateboards, music, and more- and their new record Weed The People (how Colorado appropriate) is truly upping the bar as far as electronic hip-hop in Colorado. The music is trancy but remains relatable even to those not accustomed to the electronic style. Their lyrics reflect positive progression and a party-friendly lifestyle- and I’m not gonna lie, I’d be disappointed if it didn’t given how hard these guys push Colorado in their image.

The group does a good job of sourcing unique and diverse beats- each song I have heard from these guys is very different but when the lyrics kick in, the Kind Dub trademark stamp is added. A solid listen that has me in the mood to light a blunt and kick back.


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