Jay and Silent Bob Get Old-Live Smodcast @Boulder Theatre Feb.1

| February 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

by Jenn Cohen

Photo Credit: Miles Chrisinger

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, best known for their roles as Jay and Silent Bob, respectively, brought their live show, “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” to the Boulder Theater Feb 1. The weekly “Smodcast,” was created to hold Mewes accountable to his sobriety. Says Smith, “The crippling irony is that we do it in a bar and I’m always baked.”

Don’t expect to get a lecture about living sober, “We’re not telling you not to [do drugs], but Handle Your High; within moderation,” says Smith. Expect funny stories about a debilitating disease, and encouragement to follow your dreams. “Self-expression will keep you young,” say Smith. “Sit down with someone you like, love, hate, your mom, whoever, and record it. Each person is an original content generator,” and you never know where that might take you.

Despite years of watching Mewes fluctuate between active addiction and moments of sobriety, Smith was continually shocked, and admittedly naïve, each time the signs of relapse would appear. I could go into details here about “Sh*t Shame, “D*ck Shame,” and iPhones under bathroom stalls, but for the whole story, delivered with a solid comedic and candid blend, check out back episodes and keep up with new weekly episodes at http://smodcast.com/channels/jay-silent-bob-get-old/

What’s ahead? Kevin Smith Movie Club picked up “Milkshake” at Sundance recently, Mewes produced a movie called “Super Groovy Cartoon Movie,” scheduled for released soon, Smith is working with Shannen Doherty again . . . and yes, Clerks 3 in 2014.








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