Jacob Cade Project- Prince of Rock N Roll

| July 1, 2015


by Tim Wenger

Some people, and some albums, are able to speak beyond their years. Jacob Cade is the definition of this. The new album from sixteen year old Cade and his Jacob Cade Project is the most proficient collection of rock songs Denver has seen this year. With guitar lines reminiscent of eighties metal and a full-band styling pushing the envelope on modern hard rock, the album title Prince of Rock N Roll is almost an understatement.

The band is as tight as any in town. Cade’s uptempo vocals tell stories of love, loss, and life with the wisdom of someone five times his age (I found myself wondering what his lyric writing process is- where does the insight come from?). As odd as it may sound, I felt like I was listening to 1970s Ozzy jamming with 2006-2009-era Sum 41. The rock is hard but very commercially appealing.

“Girls, cars, and rock n roll”- sounds good to me, at any age.

Online: jacobcadeproject.com

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