Higher Ground Music Festival Artist Preview: The Patti Fiasco

| August 1, 2015


Higher Ground Music Festival artist Patti Fiasco talk Fort Collins and new music.

CMB: Give us the story of the band.

TPF: The Patti Fiasco got started in the wilds of Wyoming, where the like-minded and similarly spirited are drawn to one another by the age-old pull of destiny and the limited pool of population. I started playing music and drinking Jim Beam with Dee Tyler (guitarist) and a string of bar gigs ensued. Early on, we put together a basement demo and either coerced or convinced Ansel Foxley (electric dobro) and Niles Mistake (bass) to join our band with then drummer, Scott Clabby. We bought an Econoline Van that ran on miracles and played hundreds of shows across the American West. The band relocated to Fort Collins for it’s greener musical pastures in 2010.

 In 2011, we released a self-titled debut album and in 2013 we released it’s follow-up, “Small Town Lights.” After garnering some nationwide radio play and amassing a solid fanbase throughout the home nexus of Wyoming and Colorado we’re set to release third album, “Saved By Rocked and Roll.”

CMB: What is your take on the Fort Collins scene?

TPF: The Scene in Fort Collins is exciting right now. It’s great to see Fort Collins music gaining some national notoriety, and more importantly, to see more diversity within the scene and venues that support it about town. The punks, indie rockers, and singer songwriters seem to be gaining more foothold in a scene that was ostensibly pretty centered around variations jam grass and Americana when I came on to the scene 5 years ago.  There’s an undercurrent and edge developing and I think those things are at the core of what truly makes a “Scene.” Along with the excitement about Fort Collins as a destination (both musically and otherwise), there’s been an oppressive spike in rent throughout the city. I hope that the increased cost of living doesn’t push out the artists really working to establish the scene. 

CMB: How did the new material come to fruition?

TPF: The new material was recorded at Mighty Fine Productions of Denver over the course of 8 days working with engineer, Xandy Whitesel and then mixed by the legendary, Dave Beegle. In order to capture the energy we bring to the live show, we did most of the album through live band takes with minimal overdubbing. Despite the fact that record is equal parts rockers and ballads, this is easily our most rock and roll release to date. There are vintage country elements and lyrical themes that draw lines to our first two releases, but the album is easily more bang than twang. 

CMB: Anything else going on this summer?

TPF: Now that the album is complete, we’re on to the bigger goals of radio promotion and shopping, shopping, shopping the record. Look for a few more video releases for singles this fall and a more extensive US tour behind the album this December. 

To get the record:

Stay posted at www.pattifiasco.net


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