Head Injuries Talk Tour Life, New Record ‘Bail’

| September 1, 2015


by Tim Wenger

Fort Collins punk rockers Head Injuries recently released their second full-length album Bail, recorded at legendary The Blasting Room in their hometown. Since then, the four piece has spent as much time as possible touring the hell out of the record, and will be returning to the west coast this fall. We caught up with the group to pick their brains on touring, skating, and what they add to the mix to keep their music fresh.

CMB: How was the writing and recording process different on this record than on your previous two efforts?

HI: With Bail, we really tried stretching our limits and seeing what we could say and do with simple Punk Rock songs.

CMB: Pop-punk is a genre that has been stretched many different ways over the last twenty years. In your opinion, what are you guys doing to add your own flavor to the mix?

HI: We believe that we stay true to our roots by keeping both genres Pop and Punk very prominent in our writing, while always trying to create unique structures to our music.

CMB: You guys are heading west this fall for tour, are you playing a lot of new markets? Are the tours getting easier to book and orchestrate now that you have some under your belt or is the planning process still a headache?

HI: We have had a resources and ability this year to play many new markets, which is huge for a band of our stature you always have to be playing to new people and keeping the one’s you’ve stoked, always stoked.  And, I guess you get out what you put in. I don’t think that will ever change with planning tours. There’s always a crazy amount of things we have to get prepared, but you’re doing it for something you love so it doesn’t really feel like work.

CMB: Any plans for music videos off this record?

HI: We are in the works for a couple things of that nature right now, yes. Once we get a second from touring we will be getting those cameras rolling.

CMB: Do you guys hit a lot of skateparks on the road?

HI: If there’s an extra hour and a skate park nearby, we’re there. Favorites so far would have to be, Skatopia, Washington Street, and Burnside.

CMB: What have you found is the best number of shows to play in your hometown of Fort Collins each year without burning out your base?

HI: It’s tough to say, but if you do one every 4 months or so, anticipation stays up.

CMB: Have you felt pressure at all to move to Denver or another larger city?

HI: Nah.

CMB: Best place to grab the new record?


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